Everglades Beard Scrub by Bennett’s Bodega

Everglades Beard Scrub by Bennett’s Bodega

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Discover the rugged essence of the Florida Everglades with Bennett’s Bodega's exclusive Everglades Beard Scrub, available only at FLOrigins.com. Crafted with pride in the USA by skilled veterans, this all-natural soap embodies the spirit of adventure and care.

Everglades Beard Scrub is not just for beards; it comes with a natural fiber exfoliating pouch that makes it perfect for full-body use. Its unique blend of activated charcoal, sea salt, and clay exfoliates the skin, leaving it deeply cleansed and revitalized. The musky amber scent transports you straight to the heart of the wild Everglades, offering a sensory escape while providing your skin the care it needs.

Ideal for both men and women, this versatile scrub is particularly loved by women for its efficacy in exfoliating legs prior to shaving. Consider purchasing an additional bar—it’s a thoughtful gesture that your skin and your partner will appreciate!

Handmade, authentic, and exclusively available at FLOrigins, Bennett’s Bodega's Everglades Beard Scrub is your gateway to experiencing the natural beauty of Florida, right from the comfort of your shower. Elevate your grooming routine today with this exquisite, eco-friendly scrub.