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Stop Moving to Florida (FloridaMan) Heavyweight Luxury Beach Towels

Stop Moving to Florida (FloridaMan) Heavyweight Luxury Beach Towels

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Beach days are always a bliss – showing up with a luxuriously soft beach towel featuring our Stop Moving to Florida (FloridaMan) design. This heavyweight towel feels extra lush to the touch. It features a polyester facing where the original FloridaMan design is displayed in vivid detail. The back is made with durable cotton loop.

Floridians, born of the Sunshine State, exemplify exceptional resilience, standing as a testament to their enduring spirit in the face of challenges. Our collective uniqueness lies in the distinctive blend of coastal charm, vibrant cultures, and a tenacious attitude, placing us in a league of our own. Adaptability emerges in our ability to navigate the diverse landscapes, from wetlands to urban jungles, with unmatched adaptability and a flair that sets them apart on their extraordinary journey.

38"x72" size

.: Materials: 100% polyester (front), 100% cotton (back)
.: White cotton loop backing
.: One-sided print


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