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Islamorada Heavyweight Luxury Beach Towel

Islamorada Heavyweight Luxury Beach Towel

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Dive into the essence of Florida's coastal allure with our Islamorada heavyweight luxury beach towel ā€“ where sun-soaked sands and tranquil turquoise waters come to life in stunning flag-inspired art! šŸ–ļøšŸŒŠ Crafted for beach lovers and sunseekers, this towel is more than a beachside companion; it's a visual celebration of the Sunshine State's captivating charm.

Wrap yourself in the soothing hues of sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, mirroring the vibrant colors on the Florida flag. The Islamorada artwork brings a touch of coastal elegance to your beach days, turning each sunbathing session into a visual feast.

Beach days are always a bliss ā€“ showing up with a luxuriously soft beach towel can add a bit more sunshine to your day. This heavyweight towel feels extra lush to the touch. It features a polyester facing where the original Islamorada design is displayed in vivid detail. The back is made with durable cotton loop.

.: Materials: 100% polyester (front), 100% cotton (back)
.: White cotton loop backing
.: One-sided print

36" Ɨ 72"
Length, in
Height, in


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