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Mi Estatal Solid Wood Florida + Mexico Flag

Mi Estatal Solid Wood Florida + Mexico Flag

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Let your heritage fly with this unique mashup of the flag of Mexico and the Florida flag! Crafted from solid wood, Mi Estatal is perfect for any Floridian with family roots in Mexico! 

  • Mi Estatal is made from yellow pine, with a color center seal, green, white, and red background and  the Great Seal of Florida on top. Mi Estatal is designed to withstand Florida's extreme outdoor elements. A crystal clear, high-gloss two-part epoxy resin-coated seal comes standard. Hang out of direct sunlight and exposure to elements (as you would a TV on your lanai).  
  • Item pictured is with hemp rope trim added.
  • Finished product dimensions are: 28"x18"x2"

Each item is custom-made to order, ensuring uniqueness. Please allow up to 3 weeks for production. We'll keep you updated via email and/or text. Once shipped, you'll receive a tracking number. Free UPS Ground shipping; Florida deliveries usually take 1-2 business days. Each piece is signed, numbered, and dated by our artist. Your artwork could qualify for our Trade-In, Trade-Up Program 2 years from the date on the back, subject to its condition.

We are the originators of Florida flag wood wall art. Trademarks and copyrights are pending, all rights reserved. Imitation prohibited. Any and all artwork or items found on is the sole intellectual property of Native Artistry, LLC, dba FLOrigins and is not to be reproduced, copied, or duplicated in any way.

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