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Select Pine & African Wenge Solid Wood Florida Flag

Select Pine & African Wenge Solid Wood Florida Flag

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For those with distinguished taste, this Florida flag made of Select Pine & rare African Wenge wood certainly fits the bill. 

From furniture and cabinetry to flooring and trim, select pine wood finds its place in a wide range of applications. Its light color and natural grain patterns provide versatility in design, allowing for various finishes and staining options to suit any aesthetic preference.

The grain patterns of African wenge wood are characterized by pronounced, interlocking lines and irregularities, adding visual interest and texture to finished pieces. These distinctive grain patterns contribute to the wood's aesthetic appeal and make each piece truly unique.

In addition to its esteemed qualities, African wenge wood is a preferred choice among many successful Florida turkey call makers. Renowned for its durability and distinctive appearance, African wenge wood lends an air of sophistication and reliability to their finely crafted calls. Its rich, dark coloration and unique grain patterns enhance the aesthetic appeal of these artisanal creations, while its exceptional hardness ensures optimal performance and longevity in the field. By incorporating African wenge wood into their work, these craftsmen uphold a tradition of excellence and innovation, producing turkey calls that are as visually striking as they are effective in attracting game.

While this piece is made of durable materials, it is recommended for indoor placement only to maintain the flawless finish.  It weighs 20 pounds and is 28"x18"x2". The artist recommends a heavy duty drywall anchor or mounting directly into a wood stud.

Each item is custom-made to order, ensuring uniqueness. Please allow up to 3 weeks for production. We'll keep you updated via email and/or text. Once shipped, you'll receive a tracking number. Free UPS Ground shipping; Florida deliveries usually take 1-2 business days. Each piece is signed, numbered, and dated by our artist. Your artwork could qualify for our Trade-In, Trade-Up Program 2 years from the date on the back, subject to its condition.

We are the originators of Florida flag wood wall art. Trademarks and copyrights are pending, all rights reserved. Imitation prohibited. Any and all artwork or items found on is the sole intellectual property of Native Artistry, LLC, dba FLOrigins and is not to be reproduced, copied, or duplicated in any way.

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